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Consultation for the review of Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing (WATOK) qualifications

The Watok qualifications were first developed in 2010, and have been in use within the Meat and Poultry sector for almost five years. Since November 2015 they have been a regulatory requirement in support of the Watok EU Regulation 1099/2009 to enable individuals to apply for a Certificate of Competence to work in lairage and slaughter operations. The scope of the qualifications applies to those who work with animals and poultry in the care, movement, preparation and slaughter processes.

The review process commenced early this year with the engagement of parties including; training providers, employers, representative organisations, regulatory and enforcement organisations. A first draft technical review and edit of qualification units was carried out in May/June and a questionnaire was used to consult on the main issues impacting upon the provision and assessment of the qualifications.

A second draft of qualification structures and units has now been produced and is available for your comment and feedback.

Consultation documents

2nd Draft consultation

Feedback to date has told us that:

  • it would be very helpful to re-align units of the replacement Watok qualification closely to the areas of the Certificate of Competence A to E and K to R
  • the assessment recording burden is too great relative to the skills and knowledge to be assessed
  • it is important to continue with two recorded observations of learner’s skills in order to demonstrate competence on more than one occasion
  • there is significant support for a unit to cover ‘52’ in the Certificate of Competence particularly for quality assurance staff who do not have a formal role in slaughter activity
  • a new mandatory behavioural knowledge unit would be the best way to remove the current of repetition of knowledge assessment from across the species units
  • it is important to maintain the rule that trainers cannot assess their own learners, to ensure that assessment is impartial within an approved centre

This feedback has been taken into account in the development of the documentation attached to the left. Please take an opportunity to review the structure and unit documentation (red meat, chicken, guinea foul and quail currently avaliable). Please provide relevant feedback to fdq@fdq.org.uk or by telephone 0113 3970 395.

This phase of consultation will close on the 31st August 2016.

FDQ Level 2 Proficiency Award in Protecting the Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 2 Proficiency Certificate in Protecting the Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing

Qualification structure

Competence based qualifications

These are particularly popular with employers as training and assessment can be carried out largely within the workplace. This means qualifications can be undertaken during the working day and require minimal time off the job.

The qualifications and associated training can be tailored to be relevant to an individual’s daily work and business procedures, to ensure maximum benefit is derived by both the learner and their business.

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