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We continue to choose FDQ for their high levels of expertise in food industry qualifications.

Martyn Baker

Telford College

In order succeed in a mature and competitive bakery market, businesses and individuals need to build the right skills and bakery knowledge.

We have a range of specialist baking qualifications, which take into account the reality of the sector as it stands today. 

Our baking industry skills competence qualifications meet both business and learner training needs. Those undertaking these qualifications and bakery training will develop the high quality skills and knowledge needed to enable them to add real value to a bakery workplace.

If you are looking for qualifications and training suitable for large process businesses, we recommend Food Industry Skills (FIS) as more appropriate to your training needs.

Baking industry skills qualifications

Suite overview

These qualifications are designed for those who are working in a craft, instore or plant bakery business. They offer the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to confirm competence at work in bakery operative or technical roles.  For example, learners can qualify in areas as diverse as storage, bakery processing, bakery sales and service, packaging and distribution.

The qualifications within this suite provide bakery businesses with an opportunity to develop good bakery practices and understanding. They allow skills and knowledge to be developed in a wide variety of areas depending upon the type of business and processes/products that apply.

The broad menu of skills and knowledge within the qualifications can be chosen to reflect the role, responsibilities and development needs of learners. These include compliance functions like food safety and health and safety; operative functions including dough and confectionery processing and problem resolution and specific functions like packaging and labelling.

FDQ Level 2 Certificate for Proficiency in Baking Industry Skills

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 2 Diploma for Proficiency in Baking Industry Skills

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 3 Certificate for Proficiency in Baking Industry Skills

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 3 Diploma for Proficiency in Baking Industry Skills

Qualification structure

Competence based qualifications

These are particularly popular with employers as training and assessment can be carried out largely within the workplace. This means qualifications can be undertaken during the working day and require minimal time off the job.

The qualifications and associated training can be tailored to be relevant to an individual’s daily work and business procedures, to ensure maximum benefit is derived by both the learner and their business.

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Did you Know...L2 Butcher Apprentices receive FREE IoM membership


All FDQ Level 2 Butcher apprentices receive automatic free membership to respected industry body, the Institute of Meat, once they enrol and purchase their logbook? For the first time in its 71 year history the Institute of Meat (IoM) has opened its doors to apprentice members.

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Feedback from Industry Survey and NSAFD decision on future of Food and Drink Framework


A huge thanks to all of you who took the time to complete our industry survey on the closure of the Food and Drink Framework in April 2018. Although 87.5% of you voted against the closure of the framework, the NSAFD in their position as issuing authority, have chosen to press ahead with their plans to close it in April.

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