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Food traineeships and employability

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Traineeships can provide the perfect opportunity to prepare 16-24 year olds for work or further study.

Terry Fennell

ftc Group Operations Director

FDQ introduces its exciting new food traineeships to provide a pathway for learners aged between 16 to 24 years old to enter the food industry, or a relevant apprenticeship.

In summary, these individualised programmes of study are short sharp injections of skills development and training which were introduced in this country in September 2013.

Providers and employers can use the traineeship programmes to bring a range of elements, including qualifications together to support individual progression into the world of work or further work-focused training.

Food traineeships are composed of:

Traineeships will last a maximum of six months and offer a guaranteed interview with the work placement host at the end of the placement.

Food traineeships

FDQ has designed food and drink traineeships to support the development and recognition of learners in their work preparation and training.

These food traineeship qualifications make available skills and knowledge units of assessment from essential areas including Employability, Enterprise and Food Skills and Knowledge.

Who are traineeships suitable for?

The target group for traineeships is 16 - 24 year olds who: 

  • are not in a job and with little work experience, but who are focused on the prospect of work
  • are qualified below level 3
  • providers and employers believe have a reasonable chance of being ready for either employment or an apprenticeship

Should you wish to talk to FDQ about the FDQ food traineeships, please call us today.

FDQ Food and Drink Traineeships

Qualification structure

Learning focused qualifications

Trained and assessed in a learning or college environment, these qualifications are also known as vocationally-related qualifications (VRQs).

They are designed to support progression to the next level of learning.  

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