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In the current climate, there has never been a greater emphasis on food supply chain auditing. This complete new suite of FDQ endorsed auditing programmes can help food industry auditors develop the skills and knowledge to carry out audits effectively.

With many retailers insisting that their suppliers subscribe to the Unannounced BRC Audit Scheme it is now essential to ensure that you are fully prepared for your next BRC audit. Therefore the requirement for trained staff with the knowledge and ability to carry out internal audits and audits of new and existing suppliers cannot be ignored.

Having been developed by Verner Wheelock Associates (VWA) over a number of years specifically to meet the needs of food industry professionals, completion of these auditing courses has been shown to promote confidence and a systematic approach to the audit process.

Auditing skills

These FDQ endorsed auditing programmes are designed for those involved in carrying out internal, supplier or third party audits within a food, drink or packaging business. These courses help delegates develop the skills and knowledge necessary to audit management systems against any standard with competence.

Auditing Skills Certificate: This highly interactive 2 day course provides the theory, practical skills and confidence necessary to conduct an effective audit. It covers theory sessions, audit scenarios and role play. Suitable for team members and leaders with auditing as part of their role.

Supplier Auditing Certificate: This 1 day course is aimed at those responsible for, or aiming to be responsible for, the auditing of their organisation's new and existing suppliers as part of their job role. It is suitable for candidates who have completed the FDQ Auditing Skills Certificate course or have good working knowledge of auditing procedures. 

Lead Auditor Certificate: A 4 day course during which delegates will learn to lead and manage an audit with confidence. From planning and opening meetings through to reporting and follow up. It will help delegates to build the skills and knowledge necessary to audit a complete management system internally and externally.

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FDQ Auditing Skills Certificate

Lead Auditor Certificate

FDQ Supplier Auditing Certificate

Endorsed programmes

An endorsed programme is a programme of learning which is endorsed by FDQ.

Learners and businesses can engage with these programmes with confidence; knowing they are of high quality and that they will deliver the outcomes they promise.

These products are monitored by FDQ.

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