FDQ Assessment app - reduce paperwork, save time

8/1/2014 - Posted in: New products

The newly launched FDQ assessment tool, is available to demo today!

This FDQ Assessment System is a tablet based app, which can be used both online and offline, designed to expedite and improve the assessment process from the very first time you use it. It will reduce unnecessary paperwork, improve accuracy and save your assessors' time and money.

How does it work?

The FDQ assessment system gives assessors the ability to quickly and easily download units and assessment criteria. These are converted into tablet based assessment records at the click of a button.

The tool can then be used during the live assessment process. It provides the facility for assessors to record and complete the assessment efficiently and accurately via tablet or ipad. Do away with unnecessary assessment paperwork, now!

Can I see it?

Yes - Demo now available!

If you would like to view a demo of this exciting new tool, and see just how much time and paperwork it could save you, call today.


If you are an FDQ centre and would like to pilot this new tool with your current learners, please get in touch on 0113 3970 395 or email