Qualification Feedback

16/4/2018 - Posted in: General news

We are pleased to inform all of our centres that it is our intention to extend the following qualifications:              

FDQ Level 1 Award in Cake Decoration 601/0956/7          

FDQ Level 1 Certificate in Cake Decoration 601/0955/5 (C00/0582/6)

FDQ Level 2 Award in Professional Cake Decoration 601/0958/0

FDQ Level 2 Certificate in Professional Cake Decoration 601/0959/2 (C00/0582/5)             

FDQ Level 2 Award In Knife Skills for Food Processing 601/0389/9             

FDQ Level 2 Award for Proficiency in Poultry Meat Inspection 500/5836/8 (C00/0102/5) 

As part of this process we would like to invite our centres to provide us with any feedback they may have regarding these qualifications. If you have any ideas or opinions you would like to share with us please do contact us on 0113 3970 395 or email