Pork Farms and CQM's FME successes

Pork Farms and CQM's FME successes

31/1/2014 - Posted in: General news

The Pork Farms Palethorpes business has successfully been able to realise and expand the previously underutilised skills base of its existing workforce.

Working directly alongside Palethorpes, CQM Training & Consultancy Ltd (CQM T&C), an approved FDQ centre, implemented an extensive programme of workforce development that would unlock value and increase performance in a continuous and sustainable way.

Vision capital invest in valued workforce

Training and development process

Participating members of the workforce were divided into teams; the ultimate
objective of each team being to influence decision making, implement change,
challenge behaviours and positively affect business performance.

Group leaders undertaking the course drew upon their detailed knowledge of the
working environment to identify key issues impacting upon the efficient flow of
production. These key issues became the focus of CQM T&C’s training and
development programme.

CQM T&C coached and supported team members to expertly use Lean principles to
analyse the issues for themselves, subsequently enabling them to act upon their
own initiative to formulate a real improvement and cost saving. Feedback from the
teams to Senior Management revealed impressive cost savings along with
significantly increased thoughput.

Palethorpes learner journey so far:

The inside story from the team

Below are some short case studies outlining and explaining individual team members' project involvement and successes.

Adrian Smith improves new automation process

Fantastic opportunities were seen across the whole site with improvement activities
covering such areas as quality, automation and performance.

Adrian Smith, Group Leader, Logistics, analysed the automation process in the
packing hall. Palethorpes Senior Management had decided to extend the
automation process in this area by replicating an existing system already in
operation elsewhere on site.


However, Adrian’s substantial knowledge of the packing hall enabled him to put
forward a convincing alternative solution that made Senior Managers reassess their

Ultimately Adrian influenced their decision not to replicate the existing system,
designing lay out drawings and calculating throughput and savings that supported his alternative suggestion.

As part of the process Adrian gathered evidence and analysed data,communicating effectively with engineers and finance managers within Palethorpes to develop future proposals and present his findings to Senior Management.

Receiving positive feedback from his presentation was immensely rewarding as
Adrian adds, ‘It’s encouraging and brilliant to have managers back ideas. Their support gives you the encouragement and motivation to see a project through to the end.’

Adrian confirms that he found the FME training ‘Very informative.  I now use the learning such as 5S in my present day work and I’m able to encourage and influence others in that thinking.’

Dave Morris gets to the root cause

Dave Morris, Group Leader, Ovens, recalls, ‘Initially it was fear of unknown territory
which made me nervous and want to pull out of the training, but I talked myself into it, knowing that it would be a huge shame to miss such a valuable opportunity.’

Dave continues, ‘3 months into the training I had another serious dip in my confidence to succeed and ability to progress. But the good thing about this course is your team members and those barriers that are broken down.’

Dave’s colleagues proved to be a tremendous help to him. ‘My team coaxed
and genuinely supported me through the training, and were able to offer me advice on things I knew nothing about. I wouldn’t previously have spoken to them about this. I learnt a lot from my other colleagues, not just about their roles but also about how they can help me. The training gives you the opportunity to really talk to other people here at Palethorpes, understand what they are doing and their role in the process.’

Palethorpes understands that developing original thinking in ways to improve its
processes is essential to the success of the business. CQM T&C’s training can be the spark for innovative thinking.

Dave was adamant that the training ‘...made me think outside the box by looking at problem solving and root cause analysis. Before the training you perhaps thought you were causing the problem. Now you can see you inherited it and that you need to address the problem to improve the process.’

The training helped Palethorpes staff realise that small changes can make a big difference to bottom line savings.