First End Point Assessments sat by Butchery Trailblazers

10/4/2017 - Posted in: General news

The first butchery trailblazer apprentices have sat their end point assessments. The three apprentices, Reece Nevard, Stephen Maltby and Curtis Brind each completed their end point assessments after twelve months of foundation and craft training in butchery.

Their employer Walter Smith signed off their Butchery Training Log Books signalling that they were ready to complete the final and mandatory stage of their Level 2 Butchery Standard.  The end point assessment plan developed by the Butchery Employer Trailblazer Group is backed by key industry trade bodies and partners.

Designed as the final stage in assessing apprentices’ knowledge, skills and craft the EPA has three components:

The new trailblazer standards are set apart and for the first time apprentices are graded,  and awarded a Pass, Excellence or Fail.

The three apprentices, all trainees of Crosby Management Training had already completed their Level 2 Award in Food Safety, Level 2 Award in H&S in the Food Supply Chain Business, Level 2 Award in Knife Skills for Food Processing and Level 2 Certificate in Professional Butchery.

The EPA was conducted under exam conditions. The external quality assurance of the Butchery EPA will be carried out by the Institute of Meat to ensure consistency and that each apprentice demonstrates the crafts and skills of occupational competence across the meat industry.

Independent Assessors from FDQ as the apprentice awarding organisation assessed each apprentice. The IA’s are all experienced butchers, and in order to maintain impartiality have no association with either the employer, in this case Walter Smith or the training provider, Crosby Management Training.

The apprentices will have to wait for their final grading as FDQ, the apprentice awarding organisation carries out the process of moderation. Once this is completed, if successful, the apprentices will be amongst the first to receive certificates from the newly formed Institute for Apprenticeships and ready to start their careers as skilled butchers’ in the meat industry.