Donald proves you're never too old to learn!

Donald proves you're never too old to learn!

6/2/2020 - Posted in: General news

Congratulations to Donald Maclean, who at 91 years of age has just become our oldest learner to achieve their FDQ L2 Award in Protecting the Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing (WATOK).

Donald now works voluntarily at an abattoir in Cumbria. After leaving school he went into farm work before moving to the local foundry, building ship engines. In the latter part of his working life Donald worked in the meat industry, including an abattoir.

The theme of this years National Apprenticeships Week is #LookBeyond, encouraging us to question misconceptions about learning and apprenticeships. A common myth is that learning is only for young people. Donald is living proof that age is no barrier. When asked how difficult he found studying for his WATOK award he simply replied, ‘It’s common sense really.’