Dunbia Academy Graduates meet Rory Best!

10/8/2015 Posted in: General news

Seven FDQ learners have recently graduated through Dunbia’s Butchery Academy. The learners are now fully skilled in their achievement of the FDQ Level 2 Certificate for Proficiency in Meat & Poultry Industry Skills (QCF). 

The achievements of the 7 learners were recognised at a recent presentation ceremony. Dunbia’s Brand Ambassador; Irish Rugby Union International Rory Best, presented the awards.

 Dunbia Top

FDQ Annual Conference 2015

29/6/2015 Posted in: General news

We are pleased to confirm that the date for the FDQ Annual Centre Conference is Wednesday 18th November 2015 at The Village Urban Resort Hotel, Leeds.

It’s a time of considerable change in learning and skills! The provision of food sector training and qualifications challenges our skills in efficient and effective delivery. So it’s no surprise that this year’s event will be taking a look at key developments over the coming year; how these might impact on provision and potential solutions.


Do you know who the UK’s best butcher shop is?

8/6/2015 Posted in: General news

Now is the time to get entering the race to become the UK’s best butcher shop. Meat Trades Journal’s annual butcher shop of the year search is on. The entries for the annual competition are now open, with 12 categories to choose from! 

Lead Auditor course spaces

15/5/2015 Posted in: General news

Verner Wheelock Associates (VWA) are currently running FDQ Lead Auditing and Auding Skills courses throughout the year.

Places are still avaliable for the Lead Auditing courses, which commence the week begining 22nd June, with a special offer in place!

Certificates, the facts

15/5/2015 Posted in: General news

We understand that you are keen to get your certificates quickly; indeed our average certificate turnaround time is within 5 working days. But please do allow our specified timescale of 10 working days from the point of claim to the date we post. This allows for busy periods and any certificate amendments needed.

Have you joined the revolution?

15/5/2015 Posted in: General news

Chef Jamie Oliver has started a national campaign on social media, to encourage better food education for future generations, using the hashtag #foodrevolutionday. The campaign stems from Jamie’s passion for healthier lifestyles for all. 

An alarming statistic has been centre in the campaign: “worldwide there are 42 million children under 5 who are overweight or obese.”

Food Revolution Day Jamie Oliver

WATOK-the latest

12/5/2015 Posted in: General news

We have recieved today an update from the organisations involved with Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing (WATOK) legislation. The letter is in reference to the Certificate of Competence (CoC). It outlines further guidance and assistance regarding CoC's 

To read the full letter in detail, please click here.

Customer Service…the results are in!

7/5/2015 Posted in: General news

We are delighted to announce that this year’s customer survey was very successful. We have had some wonderful comments from our centres and are so very pleased to hear you are incredibly pleased with the whole FDQ service!

FDQ learner recognised as the English food manufacturing industries 2,000th Apprentice in a year

12/3/2015 Posted in: General news

FDQ centre of excellence, University of Lincoln, Holbeach campus are the proud learning providers for FDQ learner Tasha Devey. She has been recognised by the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, as the 2000th Food and Drink Apprentice in a year.  

Do your butchers have the skills to compete?

16/2/2015 Posted in: General news

Worldskills UK are looking for talented butchers to showcase their skills and battle to be named the champion in the Butchery WorldSkills UK National Competition for the first time this year.

This competition focuses on all the essential skills required for a successful career as a multi-skilled Butcher within the food manufacturing industry.

A thoroughly modern take on cake decoration, whilst ensuring traditional skills and standards are achieved.

Lorna Jones

Tameside College