Institute of Meat Chief Executive, Keith Fisher, on how your apprentice can get ahead in Butchery image

Institute of Meat Chief Executive, Keith Fisher, on how your apprentice can get ahead in Butchery

16/4/2018 Posted in: General news

Having worked in the meat trade for almost half a century people often ask how I stay so motivated and interested in the business. That’s an easy question to answer – “because butchery is an exciting business to be in.” 


Qualification Feedback

16/4/2018 Posted in: General news

Chairman Bill Jermey Retires image

Chairman Bill Jermey Retires

16/3/2018 Posted in: General news

As my intended five-year stint with FDQ has now stretched to thirteen years, I have decided the time must be right to step down as Chairman of FDQ. My extended period of office is a measure of how much I have enjoyed working with this organisation, and seeing it develop into the leading food specialist awarding body it is today. I shall miss FDQ greatly, particularly the team; although I'll not be disappearing completely as I remain CEO of our parent company ftc, the skills charity. 

National Butchers Week image

National Butchers Week

13/3/2018 Posted in: General news

Butchery’s not just for boys

Being National Butchers Week this week and International Women’s Day only last week it seems a good time to highlight the success of Hannah Blakey, an apprentice butcher from Yorkshire.

Hannah has just been awarded Apprentice of the Year by the York Butchers Gild. This is just the tip of the iceberg of her many achievements though.

In the last two years Hannah has:

  • Achieved 2nd place whilst competing with the British Beefeaters team in the World Butchers Challenge, set on the Gold Coast, Australia
  • Qualified to represent Wales in the WorldSkills Butchery competition in Birmingham
  • Travelled to Perth, Australia to compete in the Lifeline Young Butchers Competition

All this and she’s only 18. As the slogan says, ‘GET IN, GO FAR’


Find out more about our butchery apprenticeship here

Did you Know...L2 Butcher Apprentices receive FREE IoM membership image

Did you Know...L2 Butcher Apprentices receive FREE IoM membership

20/12/2017 Posted in: General news

All FDQ Level 2 Butcher apprentices receive automatic free membership to respected industry body, the Institute of Meat, once they enrol and purchase their logbook? For the first time in its 71 year history the Institute of Meat (IoM) has opened its doors to apprentice members.

Feedback from Industry Survey and NSAFD decision on future of Food and Drink Framework

1/12/2017 Posted in: General news

A huge thanks to all of you who took the time to complete our industry survey on the closure of the Food and Drink Framework in April 2018. Although 87.5% of you voted against the closure of the framework, the NSAFD in their position as issuing authority, have chosen to press ahead with their plans to close it in April.

We are delighted to announce that FDQ has been officially approved as an Apprentice Assessment Organisation for the food industry.

Terry Fennell

Chief Executive