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There are a few ways in which you can work with FDQ to access our food industry qualifications and training.

1Become an
FDQ centre

Do everything yourself

Your business would be responsible for all management, administration, quality assurance, assessment and training involved in delivery of FDQ qualifications. This is a great route to take if you have the right resources and procedures in place, or if you would like to build such internal resources.


  • Increased training control
  • Strategy driven training
  • Flexibility and speed
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased responsiveness to BRC and retailer audits
  • Ability to build and maintain consumer confidence


2Partner an
FDQ centre

Share and access expertise

With this option you can use your in-house expertise and access the particular resource or expertise which you require from your external partner (FDQ centre). For example, you might choose to do the training in-house but for your partner centre to be responsible for assessment and administration itself.


  • Share responsibility and accountability
  • Share expertise
  • Share resource
  • Utilise your strengths
  • Increase cost effectiveness


out to an
FDQ centre

Training with minimal resource requirement

Your business would select an appropriate FDQ centre to work with. This centre would deal with all of the management, administration, training, assessment and internal quality assurance required. Your staff would be trained and qualified to your requirements.


  • Reduced workload
  • Less resource required
  • Increased cost effectiveness
  • Access to a pool of expertise
  • Access to funding


Unsure which route is right for you?

Please call us today. Our team will talk you through the options to help you decide which delivery option would suit your business best. Call us on: 0113 3970 395