Who are we?

FDQ is a specialist awarding body, which pioneers the most innovative qualifications in the food industry – for the food industry

....but thats not all, FDQ is now approved as an Apprentice Assessment Centre

We have been an accredited as an awarding organisation for more than 14 years.  So, whilst we may have the outlook, innovation and flexibility of a new business we have the experience and heritage to provide a stable and expert range of qualifications and services to all our customers.

How are we regulated?

We are regulated by the qualifications regulators of England, Northern Ireland and Wales - Ofqual, CCEA and the Welsh Government. We therefore have powers to develop and award vocational qualifications suitable for further education colleges, learning providers and food businesses.

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What does regulation bring to the sector?

The qualifications regulators exist to maintain standards and confidence in the qualifications system and qualifications products.

This means that in choosing a regulated qualification offered by a recognised awarding body, such as FDQ, you can be confident that the qualification will meet challenging standards, that the interests of the learner will be protected and that guaranteed levels of efficiency will be met.

What do we offer?

FDQ offers a full portfolio of competence based, learning focused and professional qualifications which covers the food supply chain from agriculture to retail; manufacturing to hospitality and everything in between. This includes qualifications which apply across all types of food business such as food management, team leading, food safety and food hygiene.

Our qualifications support on-the-job competence in the workplace or up-skilling and multi-skilling of operations. Alternatively, they can be used to develop and assess specialist knowledge and practical skills in off-the-job training courses.

All our qualifications are developed with the active participation of businesses and learning providers, with a strong commitment from the industry.

Apprentice Assessment Organisation

FDQ was approved by the Skills Funding Agency in December 2015 to be an Apprentice Assessment Organisation offering end-point assessments for the industry. We are currently listed on the register of AAOs to offer end-point assessments for apprentices on the new Butchery apprenticeship standard. This will be expanded as new apprenticeship standards are released to the industry.

FDQ's new status as an AAO means that we can use our food industry expertise to offer apprentice assessment products and services to offically conduct and quality assure independent end-point assessments for a new wave of apprenticeships. 

FDQ will approve organisations who want to become independent End-Point Assessment Centres offering their facilities to apprentices nationwide to undertake their end-point assessments.

Equality of opportunity and diversity policy

At FDQ, we fully support the principles of equal opportunity and diversity, and are committed to promoting these principles in all activities and published material.

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Fair processing notice

All information will be managed by FDQ in accordance with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Whistleblowing policy

In line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA), we have published our whistleblowing policy.

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Conflict of interest policy

At FDQ, we are committed to identifying and monitoring potential conflicts of ineterest that may arise in our operations. These are managed carefully by our Quality Manager.

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Endorsement of resources policy

In line with Ofqual requirements around endorsement of resources, please find out policy relating to this area.

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Recognition of prior learning policy (RPL)

In line with Ofqual requirements, please find our policy regarding RPL.

For the full policy please click here.

Recognition of prior achievement policy (RPA)

In line with Ofqual requirements, please find our policy regarding RPA.

For the full policy please click here.

Did you Know...L2 Butcher Apprentices receive FREE IoM membership


All FDQ Level 2 Butcher apprentices receive automatic free membership to respected industry body, the Institute of Meat, once they enrol and purchase their logbook? For the first time in its 71 year history the Institute of Meat (IoM) has opened its doors to apprentice members.

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Feedback from Industry Survey and NSAFD decision on future of Food and Drink Framework


A huge thanks to all of you who took the time to complete our industry survey on the closure of the Food and Drink Framework in April 2018. Although 87.5% of you voted against the closure of the framework, the NSAFD in their position as issuing authority, have chosen to press ahead with their plans to close it in April.

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